Cahaba Maintenance & Construction, Inc.

Overhead Cranes -  From small kit cranes to 145ft spans and longer with girder weights of 100,000lbs or more.
We can provide and fabricate structural steel and crane runways

Overhead Cranes - Experience in all industries; including mills, automotive, petrochemical, defense and manufacturing.

Crane Runway Structures, Rail and Runway Electrification

Structural Steel
Monorails, Jib Cranes, and Conveyors

Modifications and Other Services
Examine runways for compliance with CMAA compliance.

Rebuild or upgrade bridge cranes and runway systems.

We can perform or assist with load testing and have over 270,000lbs of engineered test weights.

Engineering and Drawing
We can provide AutoCAD drawings to assist in the design and build cranes, runways or other structural needs.
We can accept and produce many common 3D formats.
We can provide stamped engineered drawings.